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Builders Supply no longer sells retail, except to customers buying glass inserts for doors. If you have a small remodeling project we are sorry that we can’t assist you. If, however, you are building a home then we will be happy to supply your needs if you would like to set up an account. To do so please contact Angie Hinson at 800-277-5566 or 803-283-1725.

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Contact us at Builders Supply through this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Company Directory

Greg Gregorygreg@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1719
Mr. C.D. Gregory “Bubber”greg@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1729
Leonard 803-283-1723
Leeann Baileyleeann@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1722
Clint BarrettClint@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1732
Mitchell BarrettClint@builderssupplysc.com803-283-8481
Kristin Brasingtonkristin@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1721
Allison Carterallison@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1716
David Catoedavid@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1731
Becky Deese becky@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1714
Stacy Deesestacy@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1727
Brian Funderburkebrian@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1717
Angie Hinsonangie@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1725
Danielle Hubbarddanielle@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1730
Darrin 803-242-8215
Letha Newtonletha@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1724
Wendy Obrienwendy@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1715
Allen 435-531-2377
Elizabeth Rutlandelizabeth@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1718
Megan Sawyermegan@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1726
Kari Simskari@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1720
Al Steele al@builderssupplysc.com803-242-5058
Chris 980-721-5434
Felicia Wanzer felicia@builderssupplysc.com803-283-1712


Give us a call and we will be glad to help.

501 South French St., Lancaster, SC 29720

Located in Lancaster, SC. We are a solar powered company.